The second option (private comments only and no status synchronization) limits the other account to providing you with the information needed to resolve the support request. For example, imagine a company building something that contains components from other companies. Each affiliate (business partner) can create a support account and a publishing agreement to provide more details about issues related to the components they provide. In this scenario, the sender controls the ticket from the initial request to resolution and collects information from the connected account if necessary. Customer B sends a ticket to Company A to resolve a problem, and Company A enables the « release » of the ticket. Does Customer B see ALL comments on this post or only public comments? Can I search for « shared tickets only » in the search bar? What properties of shared posts should be included/excluded in (advanced) +1 searches for Justin`s questionHow can we determine that post sharing has been removed? The ability to synchronize ticket numbers between instances would be very useful or would record both ticket numbers in the ticket information. I want to share a ticket based on the content of the topic or tags, etc. All of your release agreements (accepted, pending, and rejected) will appear on the Ticket Approval page. If you choose not to share posts with another account, you can turn off all sharing invitations.

This is the key to enabling multi-brand management (see Setting up multiple brands) in Enterprise Support. However, the benefits of ticket sharing are not limited to multi-brand management. It`s also helpful to simply share tickets with another Zendesk account. Then we shared about 40 tickets, and a few tickets that the other team couldn`t handle and wanted to go back – it was really difficult. They had to ask us to unlock the exit, and then the ticket was still in both systems. They then had to close theirs. was a bit illogical. I would appreciate an option to share information on applicants between sharing partners. Sometimes it is necessary to help the customer! This will show you all the posts that have been shared with you. If you want to create a view of all the tickets you`ve shared with another account, you can add a tag to the tickets and create business rules from it.